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Jean-Philippe Denis

Tech Operations Principal
Who are you?
Hi I am jphi 👋I have been an Android engineer for about 8 years and I switched 2 years ago to fully focus on improving systems.I am the happy father of two boys that keep me always busy, especially during days designed to rest. I am a big fan of tennis and I play any racket sport with different levels of success ranging from bad to average.

What do you do for a living?
I am Tech Operations Principal at Qonto. I look at what can be optimised in our ways of working (spoiler - everything), then I lead cross team cross stack breaking changes until full adoption.Have you ever considered mapping cycles? Making sure every transition is perfectly executed at each step?Start doing it, you'll see how satisfying it is. Attend one of the cocotte workshops of the conference you ll get the idea :)

What are you going to talk about at FlowCon?
I will talk about how we ship features at Qonto. I will embark you on a journey about delivery, efficiency, application of Lean in a tech and product department, and how we structure the sequential steps to maximise the teams efforts, while leaving everyone empowered to always make our system more robust everyday.

What are you the proudest of?
If we focus on professional subject only, I created what we call internally our visual specs, an always up to date source of truth for all our functional specs. That was a game breaker to stop reverse engineering our codebase and start new features without wasting a minute to retrieve the current situation. And driving its adoption on a 500 people team.

What speaker and/or topic would you like to see at FlowCon?
Org topologies

If you were an art piece, which one would it be?
Definitely the "this is fine" meme. Always calm even when there is fire. #ImmuneToStress (Yes you can judge me for my definition of "art piece")

What's your favorite band, artist or song?
I'll go with some good old Dire straits - Sultans of swing - Oh damn... just writing this made me start it on Deezer... Do you want the link too?

Sum up your session or workshop in only 1 sentence
A deep dive in Qonto's way to create new features, based on continuous improvement, right first time, just in time and one piece flow.

What are the 3 top takeaways from your session or workshop?
- Continuous improvement is a game breaker for keeping the team motivation and fight bureaucracy
- Right first time is a journey that is key to achieve just in time
- One piece flow is key to minimise lead time