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Alexey Krivitsky

Org Topologies
OrgTopologies co-author
Hamburg, Germany

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Who are you?
Alexey Krivitsky is a developer, scrum master, conference producer, writer, and public speaker.

What do you do for a living?
He works as an organization agility consultant. His motto is creating clarity.

Alexey is a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) with the Scrum Alliance. And a Certified LeSS Coach, Certified LeSS Practitioner with the LeSS company. Training and consulting since 2009.

He has been using Scrum since 2005, and he is probably the first Scrum Master in Ukraine. Since 2008, he has been actively appearing in the arena of the Agile community as a conference producer and speaker. He is the author of one of the most popular Scrum educational simulation games: lego4scrum. Alexey is also a co-creator of Org Topologies. Alexey is a managing partner of Scrum Ukraine and Adaptivity, Inc. He lives in Munich, Germany, and is happy to help your organization gain higher states of adaptivity and resilience - be agile.

What are you going to talk about at FlowCon?
Org Topologies

What are you the proudest of?
Being selected as a keynote

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If you were an art piece, which one would it be?

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